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Get In Touch!

Hoya! Now you can ask ANY question or make a request for any features for

Most valuable requests will be posted here as to-do list.
Here is how it looks at the moment:

  • inevil’s own private FTP, with web-interface and usual FTP client access;
  • direct links for hi-speed download for registered users, right in posts;

Now we are in search for a new, huge, fast and reliable server to put there tons of hot and sweet stuff. After we launch and fill it, there will be a one-month hi-speed download party for registered users who leave comments and get in touch with To know more, check this page later.

126 Responses to “Get In Touch!”

  1. Hello

    eventhough I’ts cool you like our music I would love our Tronik Youth Released removed from your site, I already told you our wish not to have “La dame Noir Records” featured
    on your pages please.

    thank you for your understanding.

  2. Thank You! Subscribe.

  3. Can you please tell my why the cyberduck FTP isn’t working? It says the server is down…

  4. Mr.Fuzzims says:

    WOW!! That’s quick!! Awesome! :D Thanks a lot! I’ve one more request:

    Kasbah Zoo & OniWax – New Era EP

    The most recent one at Nicole Moudaber”s ‘Mood Records’

  5. Mr.Fuzzims says:

    Is it possible to put up this one?

    It’s Tramer’s album ‘Dedust’. Should be very naaaaaaaaiiiiize! :)

  6. uploaded dl links are ALWAYS currupted to an .exe download file


  7. Please upload this amazing album: Bruna – Thence(2013)

  8. onkenmoose says:

    Dennis A – Hypnoteric

  9. Jerry Drake says:

    This upload would be fantastic…

  10. me gustaria saber si es posible pagar para descargar la buena musica mediante un giro de wester union ya que no tengo tarjeta de credito,,,gracias estoy pendiente de la respuesta

  11. Hi there guys..

    Can you please get part 2 and 3 of this perc vs polegroup ep’s?

    Thanks in advance! And keep the good work :)

  12. any update about Beat Port player

    don’t want to keep nagging about this but just don’t like the alternatives…

  13. please please please
    can you use beatport player again….

  14. I have an excluisbe very nice Minimal dub mix of a well known track, that isnt coming out and i would like to give to Inevil.

    how can i contact you privately to send the track?

  15. Anyone DL’ing releases from this site are low lifes and leaches and you will all burn in hell if it exists!

    A Record Label that had tracks taken and released on this site.

  16. Just payed for a Private FTP account, how long do i have to wait for the login details? Keen!

  17. Hey -

    I was wondering if there’s any way to have a preview of tracks available on the release page, for those of us too lazy to search soundcloud, etc? Thanks!


  18. What happened to the fabulous RSS feed? It stopped feeding after 17 June… it was soooo convenient! :)

  19. Hello,

    Why all releases are cut in the end recently…
    Its mostly 2-6 seconds .. can you do smth about it?


  20. Hi,

    Could you please post Uploaded files instead of so many novafile, Uploaded is far better and I have a premium account and don’t want to have to get novafile too


    • i think inevil goes away from uploaded.

      this will make this site useless for me and i dont visit this page anymore :)

  21. Kosmopolit says:

    Can someone upload, this is very cool EP…

  22. Philipp says:

    How to use inevil private FTP, please?

  23. guys i love you page.. but please use uploaded again cause its much easier to get files from them as by novafile! or maybe you could use zippyshare as hoster and use adfly service? there are a lot of sites they still do the same? Pls

  24. stealinshit... says:

    i understand it might be quite difficult to run this site, but would you please stick to one hoster – and btw novafile sucks, i dont want to pay with my credit card. uploaded is the best site. STILL.

  25. where are the links? Thats very bad cause novafile sucks!! pls could you upload on further? thx

  26. Hey Mister Inevil!

    Any Rodriguez Jr. Mobilee Back to Back 7 yet???

  27. thejournalist says:

    This is something you will not miss check and post Peace and Love!!

  28. Any chance to see this uploaded to ftp ?


  29. Hey Mister Inevil!
    Thanks from france for the great Job you do, FTP IS WOOOOOOOOOOW. But not workin now, is there any problem? Thanks !

  30. Hi, the music that it’s published on the website it’s all that from the FTP Server or there it’s more?

  31. could you please upload this release to the ftp?


  32. hi, any chance you could upload the “DAVID KASSI – FREEWAY EP” its really good

  33. any chance you could upload on the ftp a bunch of old releases? If yes, I’ll most gladly send the list

  34. Hello my dear friends! Please, can you help me! I can t pay for Private VTP. When i push a button “ORDER NOW”, I get:

    Unable to complete your request…
    The product line is not available through the eSellerate system.
    For more information, please contact

    What i must do? Can you tell me? How can i pay for Private FTP?

  35. djintricate says:

    dj intricate


    plz listen to this i’m really trying to do numbers!!!

  36. Alle Lucas says:

    because rapidgator not working anymore? I paid the server and it went off the air, why?

  37. matteo rosolare says:

    Hey mate(s),

    I’m an artist who’s had support from Carl Cox, Stonebridge, Stupid Fresh etc & had releases on Hotfingers, Erase, Baroque etc & I’m giving away a deep house bootleg of Aly us – Follow me. Here’s the link to the youtube :)

    I would love it if you posted something about this on your blog! I’d understand if it’s not quite for you, but it’s getting quite big support so far in a small amount of time. So please listen and see if you like :)

    Cheers mate, hopefully hear from you soon


  38. almirowsky says:

    I want to buy FTP access… Take my money, please!!

  39. why do i suddenly have to press “go further”?

  40. You are a bunch of thieving Cunts!!!

  41. Do you only Post official releases?

    I thougt you would be interested in this Metronomy – Loving Arm Edit. Would be great if you would post it.
    Thanks for taking your time


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