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Techno, tech house, minimal, electro music!

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37 Responses to “About”

  1. Matrix one says:

    Thank You Much for the great tunes.

  2. Skrillex says:

    Bought uploaded some long time ago just for your site. Then you changed to Novafile. Bought Novafile. Now no use for Novafile anymore? Spent money for nothing. Now FILECAT? That’s not cool, dude. If sites are deleting files, just rename then randomly, it makes harder to them to find and delete. Thank you.

  3. Where is the Novafile ???????
    I just bought it for 6 month!!!
    are you kidding???

  4. please support again, filespace sucks. ;)

  5. really nice site,hope to see more and more detroit techno,house,electro etc…keep up the good work ;)

  6. Thank you, guys! this is absolutely amazing! long live the & the crew!

  7. naf, mouts,mouts,naf,napsipsi,nouts,nouts. come my dog

  8. Groooooooooooovy site! The really good site! Thanks guys!

  9. Exclusive says:


    You want link exchange?

    Kind regards,

  10. DeepRide says:

    Love your Site guys… Keep it Up!!!


  11. Awesome site! i think there should be a way of seening all good rated recent posts!

  12. cedlehollandais says:

    Thanks for the great work & for sharing great selected musc tracks! THANKS & LONG LIFE TO ALL!

  13. Add The "Workparty Two" from keinemusik !
    TOP Release this month !

  14. intruder says:

    ok i've tried it on opera also.. doesnt work.. when u press to hear the song it reloads the beatport window, so its not a browser issue but what?

  15. intruder says:

    i have the same problem on mac :/

  16. the problem that indicates the errors console is:

    Safety error: the content in cannot load information of

  17. Thank you very much Ross, the problem is constant of the player recharges it and one is able not to hear anything.

    I have installed:

    Mac Osx 10.6.7

    Firefox 4.0.1 (in Spanish, last version)

    Safari 5.0.4

    the sure problem must be Flash Player, I have installed it thousand times and it continues without working

  18. To eficho :

    Please give us information on your OS and browsers, it'll help us to dig where the problem is. Minute ago I've tested the site on Mac OS 10.6.7 in Chrome 11, Safar5.0.5 and FF3.7 and everything works.

  19. I do not find way so that inevil it works in Mac, it does not work in firefox, not in safari, not in Chrome… it is impossible!!! someone can it help???

  20. A-up, Im not sure this is 100% your thing musically but still, it is FREE to listen and then download! So should you happen to like it then MINT! leave a comment and feel equally FREE to throw it around the internet for others to enjoy ;)

    //Riddim Pallet

  21. to Emilio Hello) yes perhaps problems with flash player, i report to my programmer about it.

  22. Hi, i have a problem with beatport player in Mac, whats is the problem?????

    perhaps problems with flash player 10???

  23. Nice job! Thanks a lot!

  24. Hello dear inevil team,

    I am looking for a Albungen for a long time and I find this Albungen just do not,

    Therefore I would like to politely ask if you could find the Albungen. I would be very happy about who you are here on your website could make pure.

    Here the data from the Albungen

    Artist: Enzo il Poeta

    Title: Voices Of Africa

    Label: Bikini Records

    Reles: 12/17/2010 (BRC642010)

  25. miroslawww says:

    sick source, sick tunes, well organised….

    keep 'em coming


  26. HI DUDE ;)



  27. wow what a great source! great stuff every day! THHHHHHX!

  28. Great source, keep it coming!

  29. when did you put the b.u.b.b.a "while the city sleeps"??


    thankyou for ALL the music -)

    it help us a lot!!



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