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Reupload Request

Hi guys!

Here you can ask for reupload releases with broken links or make request for some new tracks, albums or EP`s

52 Responses to “Reupload Request”

  1. Hey can you please reupload this again ?


  2. Progfrog993 says:

    Five – Dennis Cruz
    Show Me – Eddy M

    Please :)

  3. Novakk – Kamar (Original Mix)

  4. Would love a reup of this!

    Please and thanks!


  6. Don’t update the Beatport Exclusives Only Week series?

  7. julio mogwai says:

    hello, you can re-cover the discs of the Compost label, thanks.

  8. would like to download from june 2011 archive please

    thank you

  9. Hi friends, I have a question for you,,,
    Where is the rock music botton?
    Peace and respect.

  10. Hi there,
    i am very satisfied with your site.
    I currently have 1 month subscription
    with uploaded and i download fast enough.
    But there are older files i want to download,
    which are not found, neither in upload nor in nova file,
    eg. Guy Gerber & Clarian – Chemical Gardens EP
    or Footprintz – Escape Yourself
    If i buy an ftp subscription,
    will these files be available ?
    Thank you,

  11. Albert Jones says:

    I can’t find here music from Proper Slap, is related with all the electronic stuff. Hot new label.

  12. is there a request section here ?

  13. Nice

  14. Please, use uploaded!

  15. This site is very interesting and important for me since 2009 ((

  16. This site is very interesting and iportant for me since 2009 ((

  17. How can i uploud music? )

  18. wastrel says:

    hey guys, what’s happened to the uploaded mirrors recently? the nova file ones also get taken down too quickly

  19. Hi , i want upload some music… How can i do it??

  20. Hi!

    I´m a new user and I buy a 3 month subscription on your Private FTP. I´m very excited and happy for all the music I found but I have a problem… when I try to download a file Fillezilla show me this message “530 Sorry, the maximum number of clients (4) from your host are already connected”

    Can you help me please?

  21. HI I ‘ve bought a NOVAFILE premium account but everytime I choose a compilation says it’s expired (4 example RA november chart and others)

  22. Hey there, i am not able to purchase a one month subscription? The site comes up with a pub_error???
    Any chance i could buy one to get access to the ftp?

  23. hey guys, think you post the same releases in your online page as in you ftp?…

    • yes, at the moment releases on ftp are the same as on the website – the difference is that they are gathered in one place, and you can even drag-n-drop it all at once))

  24. Hello,

    I have paid for one month at yout private FTP but I don’t received any informations… Can you help me please ?



  25. Hi guys
    nice site I just discovered
    very easy to check new music`
    the BeatPort player is great and fast
    but why dont it offer a link to buy the tracks if anyone wants to?
    Well music is alive, an we need to keep it alive
    DL some, buy some , isn’t it?


  26. a question, is rapidshare a potential ddl for inevil? because uploaded and turbo are a real nightmare.

  27. Hey guys! For those who love House, Tech-House & Techno, check out this online radio: I just found out about it! They have live sessions every week!

  28. Hey,

    Any news on regarding an Inevil FTP?

    Cheers and keep up the good work !

  29. TELLIS302000 says:

    Ok Ok, i understand now. Next question……

    Im using filesonic to download some stuff…..damn why is it sooooooo slow!!

    Averageing 20kbs…..2hr 30 to download an album!!!

  30. TELLIS302000, the 'private FTP' link in the top is not Inevil's FTP. It's our friends' project – That's why music there differs.

    BTW, just now we're working to launch our own FTP and subscription for hi-speed direct downloads. First month we'll run it, there'll be very sweet prices or even free – check for updates!

  31. TELLIS302000 says:

    How come i see ep's on here but i cant see them on the private FTP?

  32. I also must say that this site is super cool!

  33. Koreless – 4d is not on this site! what! wheres the koreless at?

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