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Raudive – Chamber Music [MACROM19]

10.05.2010 · Posted in minimal, Tech House, Techno

Over the past 14 years London’s Oliver Ho aka Raudive has gathered a world wide following with his research into deep techno, through his legendary Meta label and with his unique DJ gigs from New York to Berlin to Tokyo. Introducing the Raudive alias, he created a reduced, sexy, dancefloor-centered wave of greatness for labels from Drumcode to Cocoon. This sound turned out to be highly attractive for the DJs to play and for the girls and boys to dance to. The unparalleled appeal of his beats left the usual minimal competitors sounding rather dull. Thus Raudive quickly became the blueprint of techno modernism and one of today’s most influential genre-bending production styles. With his “Cone” and “Paper” EPs he is now a key artist of the ever brilliant Macro family, and just having launched his own new Wires imprint, the man is more than on fire. Forming the hallmark of the Raudive saga, Macro unleashes the highly anticipated debut album – “Chamber Music”. Chamber Music is both: claustrophobic in sound design, reminiscent of the dark and sweaty concrete club spaces this music inhabits, as well as carrying acoustic qualities of induced instrumental experimentalism. Bitches Brew voodoo reeds, New York no wave voices and European avant strings spin a mesmerizing dark patina around the ultra-sexy year-3000-rhythms. No wonder there’s huge DJ support all accross the board – from Miss Kittin to Richie Hawtin, Surgeon to Trevor Jackson, Ricardo Villalobos to Jeff Mills. Massive deep edge and one of 2010 finest albums so far!

Artist : Raudive
Title : Chamber Music
Label : Macro
Genre : Minimal/Tech House
Date : October-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB

Tracklist :

1 Is It Dark In Here 10:01
2 Cone 8:11
3 Paper 8:33
4 Over 7:38
5 Khaki 6:26
6 Brittle 12:07
7 X-Rays 6:15
8 Tul 5:57
9 Sienna 4:48

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Nicone & Sascha Braemer – Thank You (BAR25-14)

10.04.2010 · Posted in Techno

Artist : Nicone & Sascha Braemer
Title : Thank You
Label : Bar25
Genre : Minimal/Tech House/Techno
Date : 00-06-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB


Tracklist :

01. Thank You (Original) (05:39)
02. Thank You (Barcapella) (02:07)
03. Thank You (End Of Tape Remix) (06:53)
04. Thank You (Niko Schwind Remix) (08:16)
05. Thank You (Niko Schwind Remix) (07:38)
06. Thank You (Radio Edit) (02:40)

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Modul – Glorious Failure LP (3RDWMLP017)

10.04.2010 · Posted in minimal, Tech House, Techno

Artist : Modul
Title : Glorious Failure
Label : 3rd Wave
Genre : Minimal/Tech House
Date : October-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB


Tracklist :

01. Go Lucid 03:02
02. Blue Access 07:18
03. Transport 06:35
04. Imaginary Walls 06:51
05. Violacea 07:45
06. Ragged Words 06:29
07. Off The Clouds 06:04
08. Mood Bells 06:02
09. Eversun Dekka (Cube Version) [ 05:57
10. Zkoda 07:57
11. Ambol Snowbank 04:25

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Smallpeople & Rau – Meadows EP

10.04.2010 · Posted in Deep House, Tech House

Due to their stunning releases on Underground Quality and Laid the Smallpeople aka Julius Steinhoff and Dionne are back with a real smasher. This time they catched up Christopher Rau who will be releasing his debut album on smallville soon aswell. The results of the dreamteam’s jamsessions are gorgeous: two never to stop tunes which will light up the dancefloor with unforgetable hooklines. Representing the Smallville Parties in Hamburg, Berlin, Paris and Tokyo the test pressings of this double a-side already created pure magic. Meadows is reduced to the essential, produced to the max – a track on point, the way deeper Life Aquatic is none the less delightful. Won’t leave your box forever.

Artist : Smallpeople & Rau
Title : Meadows
Label : Smallville
Genre : Deep House
Date : October-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB

Tracklist :

01. Meadows (08:01)
02. Life Aquatic (08:28)

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