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Reupload Request

Hi guys!

Here you can ask for reupload releases with broken links or make request for some new tracks, albums or EP`s

126 Responses to “Reupload Request”

  1. kikez92 says:

    Hey guys,
    Can you please reupload.
    Dubfire – EVOLV

  2. kikez92 says:

    Can you please reupload:
    Dubfire – EVOLV (SCI+TEC)

  3. Love what you do, this page is sick!

    Please could you reupload Pete Tong Essential New Tunes May 2021, some heaters on there!


  4. Please can you re-upload best of snatch 2021! Thanks!

  5. BlackKen says:

    Can you please reupload Szare – Carved In Those Dancing Gravestones?

    Many thanks! Keep up the great work here!

  6. Glasnoirx says:

    Could you *please* reupload Szare’s “Carved In Those Dancing Tombstones” [FBLP02]?
    I’ve forever wanted to hear this bonus disk that came attached to the “actual” LP of his on Frozen Border! Your site is the first place that offers even a hope of that possibility! Would be a huge hero move, at least in my eyes :)
    Thanks for the great work on this site

  7. Any chance of reup the Afterlife Records ?

    I’m looking for it; if you can have a look, thanks !

  8. Could U please reup the Afterlife package from this page :

    it’s been a while i’m looking for it! Thanks

  9. Hey guys,
    Can you please reupload this one.
    Tom Demac – Serenade [KOMPAKT399D]

  10. sassypants says:

    Hi there. Any chance you can upload Tosca Osam again?

  11. Please, can you reupload &ME, Rampa, Adam Port – Send Return Remixes Pt. 1 (Keinemusik)?


  12. Hi!
    Could you please reupload
    Amine Edge, Dance – Our G-House Sauce EP [SLEAZYG001]
    Amine Edge & DANCE – Club Lit (Incl. Jimmy Edgar Remix) (CUFF)

    Thank youuu!!

  13. Hi would you pls be so kind and reupload Sam Shure & Francesca Siano – Malfunction EP (Stil vor Talent) THX

  14. Hi! Could you please re upload Top 100 House October 2020 posted on 10.04.2020
    Thank you!

  15. Hi!
    Can you please reupload
    “VA – Beatport Top 100 Tech House 2019″

    Thank you!

  16. Alex Riboolis says:

    Could you please upload anything you have by Matti Charlton? Thank you.

  17. Hello!
    These two links are broken and the database only starts at 2013 so could you please reupload
    Mousse T. – Horny (Radio Slave & Thomas Gandey Remixes)
    VA – Sound Of Copenhagen Vol. 7 [SOC006] (satisfaction by benny b specifically)

    Thank you so much in advance xx

  18. opussound says:

    Hi there.

    I hope you are doing fine.
    Could you upload “Gorgon City – Olympia” album, please?
    Thank you in advance.

  19. artofminimal says:

    Hey, could you please reupload Ella, Martin Books – Clubbing (Original mix)?
    Thanks in advance!

  20. artofminimal says:

    Hey, could you please upload Ella, Martin Books – Clubbing (Original mix)?
    Thanks in advance!

  21. Could you please upload:

    Róisín Murphy

    1. The First Narcissus – 11:41
    2. Jealous Groove – 10:38

    Thank you so much!!!

    Thank you so much!!!

  22. Maxime Nederpelt says:

    Can you reupload Burnski – Sometimes Takes Longer [DES103] (specifically the song watch out) thank you!

  23. any chance you can upload. Cristoph – world you see and also his new remix of chaya – calling? Thanks so much

  24. Aspirant says:

    Ciao, could you please reupload Whitesquare – Discreet Moment Thing Pt. 1 EP? Thx in advance

  25. Dusky – Square Miso / LF10 [17STEPS016BD] – Please and thanks!

  26. Maxime Nederpelt says:

    Hi hi! I’d like to request two tracks if possible!

    1. X-coast: The realest oh la la la
    2. Junior Vasquez: If Madonna Calls JR’s House Mix

    Thank you so much <3

  27. codename_dancer says:

    Could you please reup Szare – Carved In Those Dancing Tombstones [FBLP02] ?
    from this page

    I’ve looked for this forever, you’d be my hero! Thanks so much!

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