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Traxsource Hype Chart Top 200 January 11th 2021

01.22.2021 · Posted in Deep House, Top Tracks

Traxsource Hype Chart Top 200 January 11th 2021

Artist : VA
Title : Traxsource Hype Chart Top 200 January 11th 2021
Genre : House/Deep House/Tech House/Techno/Nu Disco
Date : January-2021
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB

Tracklist :

&lez — Prime Fire (Original Mix) [Bosom] 7:45
A-Trak & Ferreck Dawn — My Own Way (Extended) [Fool’s Gold Records] 4:54
Ace Shyllon, Vibrant C — Just Be (Afrometic Mix) [Metronoyz] 5:57
Afro Carrib — Ni Moun La [Mycrazything Records] 4:50
Aires Adora, Steve Maestro — Feeling’ Free (Steve Maestro Vokal ReWork) [Chicago Soul Exchange] 6:11
Alex Mallios — The Return Of The Boogieman (Lazy Lockdown Edit) [Love Harder Records] 3:47
Alex Poet, Michelle Weeks — (Where Do I Begin Love Story Richard Earnshaw Heart & Soul Mix) [Hot Slice Recordings] 5:17
Alex Rai, Jonk & Spook — You & I (Original Mix) [SJS RECORDS] 6:45
Altered Feast — Jubilee (Original Mix) [Pogo House Records] 5:57
Ander B — Housambient (Original Mix) [Lisztomania Records] 8:09
Andrea Riccio — House Healed Me (Original Mix) [Discombobulate Records] 7:16
Andy Bach — Gimme The Funk (Original Mix) [Boogie Land Music] 6:15
Angata — Mase Lala (feat. Fanta Kone) [MoBlack Records] 5:01
Arie Mando — Doing A Favour (Original Mix) [True Deep] 6:40
ASAF GEE — Rewind (Original Mix) [Play and Tonic] 4:14
Assign Rhythm — Want You (Original Mix) [Black Samurai Records] 6:23
Aurolab — Anna (The Vermins Remix) [SOVIETT Electronic] 4:13
Ayarez — Ritmo (Original Mix) [Made In Miami] 5:36
BIRDEE — Free Me (Extended Mix) [Re-Loved] 7:02
BIRDEE — Release (Extended Mix) [Re-Loved] 7:46
Bjorn Torske — Bommelom [Full Pupp] 7:07
Black Sjuan, Allen Craig — Dearly Beloved (We Come 2 House Allen Craig Mix) [Smooth Agent] 5:51
BLACK_WHITE — Exodus (feat. Bronte [Extended Mix]) [Nurvous Records] 6:16
Blaze — Do You Remember House_ (feat. Palmer Brown [Bob Sinclar & The Cube Guys Extended Remix]) [Slip N Slide Records] 5:40
Blaze — Do You Remember House_ (feat. Palmer Brown [Harry Romero Extended Remix]) [Slip N Slide Records] 6:43
Bluelle, Mr. Mama — We Are Africa (Afritalian Remix) [Baainar Records] 7:38
Bombay Traffic — Boogie 3000 (Sven Tasnadi’s Acid Twist) [Headfire International] 6:42
Brine — Sundown [Mickey’s Laundry Line] 5:07
Brooklyn Baby — Keep on Walkin’ [GLBDOM] 5:23
CalvINSOL — Distance (CalvINSOL Rhythm Rework) [Deeper Side of Cyberjamz Records] 5:32
Carlos Perikas — Revolution (Original Mix) [Delve Deeper Recordings] 7:18
Celso Fabbri & HyperSOUL-X — Elation (Original Mix) [Sunclock] 5:35
Chapter & Verse — Sinner (Extended Mix) [New State Music] 5:10
ChocoGinger, Franky Boissy — Oh Baby (Main Mix) [Salon Phonics] 5:56
ChubaChiki — Beau’s Molly (Original Mix) [Piston Recordings] 6:28
Clean Is Good — Epsilon (Original Mix) [Moiss Music] 6:04
Coflo, Juliet Mendoza — Spiritu (Coflo’s Extra Spiritu Mix) [Ocha Records] 5:31
Coflo, Juliet Mendoza — Spiritu (Original Mix) [Ocha Records] 5:55
Col Lawton — Feel Love (Original Mix) [Serendipity Music Group] 6:31
Colour Castle — Served Hot (Extended Mix) [Hot Sunday Records] 5:53
Daniel Steinberg — Double Rainbow [Arms & Legs] 6:06
Dave Mayer, Tom Chubb — Forever (Original Extended Mix) [Guess Records] 5:23
Dave Mayer, Tom Chubb — Forever (Terrace Mix) [Guess Records] 5:29
DBL-C, Narda — Class Act (Original Mix) [Daylight Robbery Records] 6:43
Deep Soul Syndicate, Andre Espeut — My Desire (Deep Soul Syndicate Vocal Mix) [Makin Moves] 7:51
Deftone — Straight Out [Groovy Riddim Records] 5:51
Deftone — Sushi Takeout (Original) [Blockhead Recordings] 5:20
Delgado — The Funky Groove (Original Mix) [Monkey Junk] 5:37
Demarkus Lewis — What You Feel [Large Music] 6:15
Denis Rublev, DJ Anton, Angelo Ferreri, Alessio Cala’ — No More (Angelo Ferreri & Alessio Cala’ Dub Mix) [Mood Funk Records] 4:38
Dennis Quin, Karmina Dai — Chante (Original Mix) [PIV] 5:05
Dennis Quin, Karmina Dai — Chante (Silverlining Remix) [PIV] 8:08
Departures, SRCS — Don’t You Know (SRCS Remix) [Refined] 6:05
Di Saronno, Gangs Of Naples — Way Down Yonder (Main Mix) [Fogbank] 5:42
Dim Angelo — White Line (Original Mix) [Retrolounge Records] 5:30
Din Jay — Moving To The Beat (Original Mix) [PornoStar Records (US)] 6:02
DiscoGalactiX — When House Was Disco (Original Mix) [FederFunk Family] 6:33
Dj Csemak — House of God (Dj Csemak Jackin Mix) [Underway Productions] 5:33
DJ Disciple, Banji Boyz, Demarkus Lewis — United Colors Of Freaks (Deez BP Mix) [Catch 22] 6:07
DJ Gomi, Mike Ivy — Just Look feat. Sandy B (Extended Mix) [Nervous Records] 6:16
DJ Mark Brickman — Got Myself Together [Spa In Disco] 7:09
DJ PP — Buzios (Club Mix) [PPMUSIC] 6:01
DJ Rae, MicFreak — The Journey (Micfreak Remix) [Quantize Recordings] 8:57
DJ Rae, Natasha Kitty Katt — The Journey (Natasha Kitty Katt Vocal Mix) [Quantize Recordings] 6:14
DJ Rae, Richard Earnshaw — The Journey (Richard Earnshaw Extended Mix) [Quantize Recordings] 6:59
DJ Seunzit — Cloud 9 [Mavek Recordings] 5:17
Dmitri Saidi, Groove Killah — Funky & High (Jesus Nava Remix) [Bunny Tiger Dubs] 5:43
Don Diego — Strawberryes and Milk (Original Mix) [NSoul Records] 4:49
Double B — All Infected (Original Mix) [Hotfingers] 5:47
Douse — Soul [LouLou Records] 5:53
DuBeats, Memo Rex — That’s Fresh (Original) [Plastik People Digital] 5:13
Earful Soul, Riddick, Colbert — It’s Alright (Main Mix) [Chymamusiq Records] 7:12
Ecko2 — Ademan (Original Mix) [Ofrenda Music] 5:54
Edsoul, Ntokozo Mbhele — The One (Main Mix) [Nallasonik] 6:50
Elliot Hollins — Cheers To You [Atjazz Record Company] 7:22
Elliot Hollins — Peachy [Atjazz Record Company] 7:59
Emanuel Satie — One Love [Defected] 9:12
Emolw (IT) — Shake That [Playmobil] 5:44
Eric Faria, Marta Martins — It Can Be Possible (Original Mix) [Organika Records] 5:46
Eric from America & Chittom — An Hour a Day with You [Chomp! Chomp!] 8:58
Esme — Idk What Love Is (Main Mix) [Salon Phonics] 4:03
Fahy & Sanchez — On The Beat [theBasement Discos] 6:16
Fahy & Sanchez — One More Step [theBasement Discos] 5:45
Fizzikx — Afro Route (Beats Mix) [Vibe n Soul Music] 5:50
Francesca Faggella — This Feeling (Gloss ‘N Glitter Version) [GLOSS ‘N GLITTER] 4:40
Franck Roger, Tomelo — Free Fall (Original Mix) [Real Tone Records] 6:41
Fred Dekker — Sweet Lala (Original Mix) [Little Jack] 5:58
FunkeeSounds — Waves of The Time (Original Mix) [PuzzleProjectsMusic] 6:09
G.Zamora — Cuerpos Celestes (Original Mix) [Spa In Disco] 4:55
Gail Lou — I Still Love (SiViL Lovin’ More Mix 6_46) [Osio] 6:47
Gazzara — Timeless (Orange Factory Remix) [Irma Records] 7:00
Gettoblaster, Troy Dillard — You Can’t Bring Me Down (Original Mix) [Bump City Records] 7:04
Hatiras — Phenomenon of Being Human [Jack Trax Records] 5:13
Hatiras, Sebb Junior — The Game Found Me (Extended Mix) [Milk & Sugar Recordings] 6:18
Hidden Empire — Resurgence (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent] 6:22
Hot Since 82 — Rules (Original Mix) [Knee Deep In Sound] 4:03
Hoye, 98 Mate — Afraid Of You (Original Mix) [Phoenix Music] 5:45
HP Vince — You Gonna Feel It (Original Mix) [CRMS Records] 5:44
Igor Gonya, Monsieur Van Pratt — From Mexico To Elista [Tropical Disco Records] 5:25
Infrasoul — Sacrifice Your Soul (Original Mix) [Moiss Music Black] 5:08
Intr0beatz — People’s Choice [Cosmic Angles] 8:26
Iron Curtis & Johannes Albert — Hurting (feat. Cutie Schamuthie [I_Cube Remix]) [Frank Music] 5:48
Ivan Afro5 — Believe [The Jar Records] 5:50
Jake Ness — Rhatta [Nervous Records] 6:28
Jam Jamiro — Savage (Original Mix) [Moiss Music Black] 5:27
James Silk — On Tha Floor (Extended Mix) [Hot Sunday Records] 5:53
Javier Martinez — Tundra (Original Mix) [Phisica] 5:50
JAYPHONIC — Last Night [Seed Recordings] 4:58
Jazzamplers — Making Love [La Casa Recordings] 7:53
Jazzy Rossco — Means 2 Me (Original Mix) [Zero Eleven Record Company] 5:12
JCROW — Breeze [Midtown House] 5:56
Jerem A — Better World (Original Mix) [Nu Monkey Records] 5:40
Jerome Sydenham, Ron Trent, Fatima Njai — Yaphet Kotto Of Congo [African Express] 7:04
Jess Bays, Stanny Abram — Every Little Thing (Stanny Abram Extended Remix) [Glasgow Underground] 6:09
Jesusdapnk — Guava Street Jack (Original Mix) [Staybad] 5:35
Joeflame, Dsharp — Music In My Soul (AJFP Dsharp Remix) [Indeed Records] 9:44
JOSES — Watch Me (Angelo Ferreri Remix) [Kiko Records] 6:35
KAMADEV — Nino Antocha [90watts] 7:00
KEM, Mark F. — Lonely (Vocal Mix) [FALL OUT RECORDS] 5:37
[email protected] — Here For You (Original Mix) [Hive Label] 6:07
Kennedy, Serpico — Say You Love Me (Original Mix) [Phoenix Soul] 6:20
Kenny Ground — The Beat is Rockin (Original Mix) [Old School Department] 7:19
Kevin Corral — Break It (Extended Mix) [Space Invaders] 6:41
Kimshies, S_Rose — Sexual Desire (feat. S_Rose Alan Dixon ‘Love Attack’ remix) [Aeon] 5:56
Kooky, Damoon, Joanne Steele — Got To Be Real (Original Mix) [Paper Disco] 6:23
Kuestenklatsch — Is Now (Extended Mix) [Material] 6:15
Leigh D Oliver — Gang Progress (Original Mix) [Thursday Trax] 6:27
Marco Faraone, Greeko — Armaghetton (Jansons Extended Remix) [Defected Records] 5:51
Mark Picchiotti, Kenyata White, DJ Spen — Love Is The Message (DJ Spen Remix) [unquantize] 6:54
Massi ISX & Giancarlo Zara & Alfrenk — For You [Great Stuff Talents] 6:17
Massimo Lippoli — Oguerre (Original Mix) [Go Deeva Records] 6:21
Mauro C.Dream — B2 (Original Mix) [KNCK LTD] 5:51
Max Esposito — Deep (Original Mix) [Puccioenza Records] 6:07
Max Marinacci — Landscape (Afro Jazz Mix) [Jazz in da House] 7:09
Mike City, Booker T — Not Now But Right Now (Extended Vox) [Unsung Records] 6:22
Mike City, Booker T — Show It Back (Extended Vox) [Unsung Records] 7:01
Mike City, Booker T — You’ve Got Nothing (Extended) [Unsung Records] 6:32
Mikki Afflick, Georgia Cee — Feeling Blessed (An AfflickteD Vocal Soul Mix) [Soul Sun Soul Music] 7:32
Mirko & Meex — Magic (Original Mix) [Night Beat Records] 5:50
Mizz Wallace, Steve Miggedy Maestro — Wake Up! (Miggedy’s Full Mix) [Miggedy Entertainment] 7:31
Montel — I Cant Wait [Montel Records] 7:37
Nelson Cuberli — Jazz Number (Original Mix) [Late Night Jackin] 6:28
Nestor Sanchez — The Hell (Original Mix) [Back It Up Records] 6:08
NUMA A TFIVE — Get on up [Senssual Records] 5:13
Oscar Barila — Make Us Glow (Lebedev RU Remix) [Cyanide] 5:58
Oscar Mackenzie — Fortune [Heaven Tracks] 5:48
Pahomoff — U Got Me Burn (Original Mix) [Moiss Music] 7:16
Paul Parsons — Paul Parsons – Groove With You (Club Mix) [Gimme The Night] 5:01
PBH & Jack X PS1 feat Hannah Boleyn — Coffee & A Coke (Club Mix) [D4 D4NCE] 5:16
Poor Pay Rich — Tessellation (Original Mix) [Observatory Music] 6:33
R And Angee, Mark F. — Smiles (Vocal Mix) [FALL OUT RECORDS] 5:51
Raffaele Ciavolino — How It Feels (Original Mix) [Onako Records] 5:06
Retromigration & Nephews — Scales (Intro) [Ltd, W;LBL] 2:37
Rhythm Staircase & Stones & Bones — Assim Bebe (Beautiful Night HyperSOUL X HT Mix) [Nite Grooves] 6:15
Riky Mura — Come Back (Original Mix) [Orange Groove Records] 5:45
Rob!n, Freiboitar — La Banane [La Banane records] 6:35
Roberta Gilliam, Chris Bass — Your Love Is Taking Me Over (Chris Bass Remix) [Unkwn Rec] 6:38
Roxy — The Contagion (Saliva Commandos Remix) [Nervous Records] 6:11
Saint Evo, Stopher CM — Ecouter (Original Mix) [Celsius Degree Records] 7:36
Samo — Love Come Alive (Extended Mix [feat. Alimish]) [In It Together Records] 6:13
Sartorial — Together [Tropical Disco Records] 6:55
Sauco — Roller Skate Boogie [See-Saw] 6:27
SAVANN — Believe in Me [Tachno] 6:18
Scott Slyter — Disco Dazz (Original Mix) [Super Spicy Records] 5:27
Seebo — We Never Change (Luca Olivotto Remix) [Endless Music] 6:03
Serge Gee — Woman (Original Mix) [Ginkgo Music] 5:39
Sharpo — No Big Thing (Original Mix) [Soulful Evolution] 6:56
Simon Adams — 1974 [KluBasic plus] 5:24
SMHRS — I Belong Here (Original Mix) [Smashing Trax Records] 6:20
Softpaw — Losing In My Soul (Original Mix) [Cruise Music] 6:00
Some Too Suspect — Ramada (Original Mix) [Mole Music] 6:14
Soul Train, Jo Paciello — Make Love Tonight (Original Mix) [Shocking Sounds Records] 6:26
Soulbridge, Dana Divine, FAM Disco — Nothing Without You (FAM Disco Mix) [Soulbridge Records] 7:02
Souxsoul, Sibylle — I’m Warning You (Club Mix) [Nu Monkey Records] 9:17
Stefano Kosa — Tigghy (Alvaro Smart Extended Remix) [Klaphouse Records] 6:16
Steve Darko, Nala — Red (Original Mix) [DIRTYBIRD] 6:32
STP — Looking At Love (Original Mix) [i! Records] 7:33
Superguest — Givin In (Original Mix) [Smokin’ Beat] 4:34
Tenacious — Dreams (Original Mix) [Revoke] 6:21
The Stoned — Realize (original Mix) [Dream Factory Music] 6:50
The Sunchasers — Symetrical Moon (Original Mix) [Dutchie Music] 6:18
Thomas Carter — Do Da Da (Original Mix) [Sakura Music] 5:31
Toman — Patience [NO ART] 6:32
TOMATOSLICE — A Lil’ Anxious (Original Mix) [Midtown House] 8:12
Trevor Gordon — The System (Original Mix) [Gents & Dandy’s] 7:07
Triple888, Roger Sanchez — Groove (Sanchez Dirty 90’s Mix) [Undr The Radr] 7:16
Tschiz, Jerome Stokes — Promised Land (Original Mix) [Downstreet Music] 6:01
Ucha — At The Circus (Original Mix) [Depot6] 6:17
Ursula Rucker, Qess — Spaces in Between feat. Ursula Rucker (Extended Version) [Mobilee Records] 6:28
Vasily Umanets — With Tenderness (Original Mix) [Bubble ‘N’ Twist Records] 6:23
Vinyl Convention, Melissa Gaynor, Antony Reale — I’m On Fire (Antony Reale Remix) [Ya.Ma records] 7:13
VLTRA (IT) — Funky Walking (Original Mix) [Too Many Rules] 4:49
Volum1k — Frequency (Original Mix) [Mooncircles Lab] 6:39
Warehouse Rats — Poison (Original Mix) [TOKYO SINDROME] 6:08
Wheeler Del Torro, Kenny Bobien, Dany Cohiba — Ibiza Nights (Dany Cohiba Remix) [Dog Day Recordings] 5:49
X Gets The Crest — I Thourght U (Wanted To Dance Original Mix) [Sundries Digital] 5:54
Yana Paisley, Robiin — Dance All Night (Robiin Remix) [Knuck!] 6:25
YellowLight — Be Lonely (Yam Who_ Remix) [Ism Records] 5:11
Zepherin Saint, Amma Whatt — Elegua – The Opener (Tribe Vocal Mix) [Tribe Records] 9:01
Zepherin Saint, Nikki Powerhouse — Omo Chango Feat. Nikki Powerhouse (Zepherin Saint Thunder Mix) [Tribe Records] 6:20

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