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VA – Shaping Elements – Poker Flat Volume 8 (PFRCD26BP)

09.22.2010 · Posted in minimal, Tech House

Artist : VA
Title : Shaping Elements – Poker Flat Volume 8
Label : Poker Flat
Genre : Minimal/Tech House
Date : September-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB


Tracklist :

1. Steve Bug – A Shot In The Dark 8:00
2. Jay Tripwire, Katherine Larr – Find Me 6:43
3. Donnacha Costello – Hey, Dummy 6:05
4. Patrick Chardronnet – Birds On Strings 8:42
5. D’Julz – Get Down 7:44
6. Benny Rodrigues – G 6:39
7. D’Julz – Get Down (Beat Mix) 6:10

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Shlomi Aber – Chicago Days Detroit Nights (OVM-9010-2)

09.22.2010 · Posted in minimal, Tech House, Techno

Artist : Shlomi Aber
Title : Chicago Days Detroit Nights
Label : Ovum
Genre : Minimal/Tech House
Date : September-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB

Tracklist :

01 Taped and Gorgeous
02 Tap Order
03 Groove Mechanism
04 New york Dreamer
05 Slow Dancer
06 Sketches feat Kenny Larkin (Shlomi Aber version)
07 Black Funk Hi
08 Propaganda
09 Create Balance
10 Basic Roots

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Public Lover – Musique Dhiver Pour Lete (SONG04)

09.22.2010 · Posted in Deep House, Tech House

It’s refreshing and sadly, rare, to hear this kind of creativity and originality. Timeless tracks, beautiful arrangements and instrumentation. Just plain perfection and bliss

Artist : Public Lover
Title : Musique Dhiver Pour Lete
Label : Thesongsays
Genre : Deep House
Date : September-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB

Tracklist :

01.We Are 6:07
02.I Try 5:29
03.Un Ciel Rouge 7:10
04.Chanson 5:40
05.We Are (Anthony Collins Heartbreaker Remix) 7:25

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Tom Clark – Pressure Points (HIGHRADE082)

09.21.2010 · Posted in minimal, Tech House

Artist : Tom Clark
Title : Pressure Points
Label : Highgrade
Genre : Minimal/Tech House
Date : September-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB


Tracklist :

01.Passion (Original Mix) (06:32)
02.The Rock (Feat Florian Schirmacher) (07:14)
03.Pressure Points (07:53)
04.Interlude 1 (01:22)
05.Hitch A Ride (06:33)
06.Keep Your Fancy Free (06:57)
07.All I Can See (05:54)
08.Snake Charmer (06:58)
09.Interlude 2 (01:06)
10.Dream Within A Dream (07:59)
11.Secrets In My Pocket (07:01)
12.Floating Cells (04:56)

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D-Unity – Purple Pills The Remixes (incl. Ahmet Sendil Remix) (BTR051)

09.21.2010 · Posted in Tech House, Techno

Artist : D-Unity
Title : Purple Pills The Remixes
Label : Beat Therapy
Genre : Minimal/Tech House
Date : September-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB


Tracklist :

1. Purple Pills (Original Mix) 7:04
2. Purple Pills (Ahmet Sendil Remix) 6:59
3. Purple Pills (Spartaque Remix) 7:11
4. Purple Pills (Lissat Voltaxx Remix) 6:23

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VA – Radio Slave Presents Strictly Rhythms Vol 5 (1930239)

09.21.2010 · Posted in Deep House, Tech House

Matt Edwards, better known by his moniker Radio Slave, is heading up the next instalment in the Strictly Rhythms series. A former Londoner relocated to Berlin, he is known for his gracefully hypnotic DJ sets behind the decks at the world’s most renowned dance floors including Space (Ibiza), Berghain (Berlin) or Fabric (London). He also heads up the highly acclaimed Rekids label and has produced a string of fantastic tracks. His deep house and techno productions typically have a distinct ‘90s flavour, full of delicate and unobvious references to the beginnings of dance music. It was this love of early house that attracted him to mix the next in the Strictly Rhythms series. The legendary New York label gave him full access to their deepest vaults and he dived right in. In fact he went further and even paid homage to New York with a ‘Downtown’ and ‘Uptown’ mix, reflecting the diverse sounds of the city. The result is Radio Slave’s own interpretation of the imprint’s finest and undiscovered moments. “I have loved Strictly material for years” says Matt of his interest in taking part in the project. “Their tracks are pivotal, some of them make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up! So the records I chose for this mix are the ones I’d still play when I’m out. It wasn’t a case of just doing a Strictly compilation”. The Downtown version is a stripped down, slower after-party style mix with a much mellower vibe. “With this mix I wanted to bring some of the lesser known Strictly releases to the mixing desk; tracks like Felix Da Housecat’s ‘Lippstikk’ and also the beautiful Marshall Jefferson produced ‘Needs(Not Wants)’. I also had to include an Ultra Nate track and chose ‘Situation Critical’ which has always had a special place in my heart as does the timeless and stunning ‘All Night Long’ by Mood II Swing. Armand Van Helden also appears as The Mole People with ‘Ocean’ and what a record. I’ve not stopped playing this 12″ since I bought it back in 1995 and it’s probably even more popular now than ever – that’s why you gotta love Strictly Rhythm”. The Uptown mix is a much more upbeat pumping sound typical of the mid 90s dance floor club vibe and much more inspired by the Strictly 12”s that Radio Slave still drops at clubs he plays at around the world. “It’s tracks like The Hard Heads’ ’Demon Dreams’, a massive record in Panorama Bar and The Mole People’s ‘Ocean’ is a huge record in Berlin. A lot of the records on this mix you can still being heard being played out in underground clubs where vinyl culture is still the way to play. They’re not into laptops”. To give the compilation an even more unique feel, 29 of the tracks included are all his own edits, made to make the mix flow smoothly from track to track. “A lot of these tracks were short in comparison to the ones I produce. I was extending the intro and outro to make the tracks a little more DJ friendly. I just wanted to put my touch on some of the songs and I went through each track to see how they worked. It’s better to think about, listen to the tracks, work out the length, and see how they work in the mix. “The catalogue is just so rich and diverse and full of such emotional and deep music that I’m still having as much pleasure listening to the tracks now as when they were first released!”

Artist : VA
Title : Radio Slave Presents Strictly Rhythms Vol 5
Label : Strictly Rhythm
Genre : Deep House/Tech House
Date : September-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB (Unmixed + Mixed)

Tracklist :

1 Ultra Nate – Situation:Critical 5:28
2 The Wamdue Project – Remember The Memory 7:03
3 Angel Moraes – Burnin’ Up (Feat Sally Cortes – Sally’s ‘wet’ Dub – Radio Slav) 8:15
4 Mood Life – Needs (Not Wants) 7:02
5 Venus – Lippstikk 5:41
6 After Hours – Feel It (Bonus Beats) 3:38
7 Mood II Swing – Do It Your Way 9:26
8 Black Magic – Freedom (Make It Funky) (Color 4 Frankie’s Dub – Radio Slave Re-Edit) 8:14
9 Photon Inc – Everybody Freedom (Scream Beats – Radio Slave Re-Edit) 9:03
10 K Dope – Watch This (Scream Beats – Radio Slave Re-Edit) 7:29
11 The Mole People – Break Night (The Lost Tapes 2009 Edit) 9:42
12 DJ Sneak – Keep On Groovin’ (Fat Bottom Mix) 7:27
13 Mood II Swing – All Night Long (Radio Slave Re-Edit) 10:16
14 Logic – I Got Somethin’ (Radio Slave Re-Edit) 6:11
15 Barbara Tucker – Stay Together (The Ravin’ Mix – Radio Slave Re-Edit) 10:08
16 Mood II Swing – I Like It (Radio Slave Re-Edit) 7:13
17 K Dope – Tribal Seagulls (Radio Slave Re-Edit) 10:31
18 The Mole People – Ocean (Edit) 9:55
19 Hardhead – Demon Dreams (Gravediggin Mix) 8:38
20 The Stickmen – The Drug 5:09
21 Black Magic – Freedom (Make It Funky) (Color 3 Lil Louis Zohz Sub Dub) 8:32
22 The Untouchables – I’m For Real 5:50
23 The Untouchables – Little Louie Anthem (Factory Bar Mix – Part II) 8:06

24 Radio Slave’s Strictly Downtown Mix 78:04
25 Radio Slave’s Strictly Uptown Mix 63:41

DF: Part1 | Part2
FS: Part1 | Part2
SF: Part1 | Part2



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