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Get In Touch!

Hoya! Now you can ask ANY question or make a request for any features for

Most valuable requests will be posted here as to-do list.
Here is how it looks at the moment:

  • inevil’s own private FTP, with web-interface and usual FTP client access;
  • direct links for hi-speed download for registered users, right in posts;

Now we are in search for a new, huge, fast and reliable server to put there tons of hot and sweet stuff. After we launch and fill it, there will be a one-month hi-speed download party for registered users who leave comments and get in touch with To know more, check this page later.

104 Responses to “Get In Touch!”

  1. opussound says:

    Hi there.
    Is it possible to find Polynation – Igneous?
    Thank you in advance


  2. Nick Reede says:

    Any chance of putting Novafile links back up?
    All sites have suddenly switched to filecat which means us Novafile premium subscribers have been left out

  3. Hey, subscriber ehre.

    anjunadeep – the earbook 2018 is actually mixed cd, not ep’s, so unusable.

    as such, trhe track lengths are way shorter also than your list.

    is it possible to uplaod an unmixed version?



  4. Hi there.
    Can you find the following albums?

    Tunnelvisions – The Celestial Ritual
    Massimiliano Pagliara – Feel Live

    Thank you in advance.

  5. OpusSound says:

    Hi there. Is it possible to upload the following album “Damian Lazarus and the Ancient Moons – Heart of Sky”?
    Thanks in advance.


    Please take down ALL LINKS to tracks

  7. Yo! Great website, Would love if you could post up Samuel Dehey – Drums [CrackHouse Recordings]. Thanks for all your hard work!!

  8. would like to please download this from 2011 JUNE archive (NOT LISTED)


  9. Any chance to re-upload this:

    thaaank you soo much in advance!!
    inevil-the best!

  10. do you have Darlyn Vlys – Stranger EP?

  11. can you re-upload this one pls!!!

    i’d appreciate this so much.


  12. Would like to download files from 9/4/2011? Norm Talley ? Is that possible?

  13. I am interested in your FTP service. Can I get some screen shots? Is it sorted in folders by day, month, year like 0102, 0102, 0203 ??

  14. Are you going to upload Its a great release

  15. Joost de Snoo says:

    The long awaited Drumcode EP ”Moon Rocks” from Enrico Sangiuliano is now available for (free) download! Already crowned as the anthem for 2016 after Beyer’s premiere play at Awakefest. Dont be a cunt and support the artist, like I did! Enjoy!!!

    Enrico Sangiuliano – Moon Rocks EP (DC160) – released 22.08.2016

  16. Jarrad Farrer says:

    Hey guys.
    I have deleted the email with my the FTP login details, would it be ok if you emailed them to me again ? I have a 12 month subscription :)

    Thank You
    Jarrad Farrer

  17. Sorry guys .. filespace? This hoster is way too uncommon .. why dont you proceed with uploaded??

  18. was wondering how to obtain music from past archives? I have been a loyal registered paying user and I read some where that if listed and not found, to make a request. 2011 has a lot of missing months. Are music from 2011 possible to download still? Because you still have them listed?

  19. plz make links open in new tab <3

  20. Hi,
    are you going to propose the new format by Native Instrument .stem.mp4?

  21. love the site… but one thing… can you update the dirty bird grill$ons revenge nova file file? file says no longer found and really want that compilation!!

  22. someone uploaded ripped tracks as original tracks, e.g. , which hasn’t even been released yet, and

    it should be marked as rips by the uploader or users should be able to flag it to maintain quality on the site.

  23. Hi there,
    i am very satisfied with your site.
    I currently have 1 month subscription
    with uploaded and i download fast enough.
    But there are older files i want to download,
    which are not found, neither in upload nor in nova file,
    eg. Guy Gerber & Clarian – Chemical Gardens EP
    or Footprintz – Escape Yourself
    If i buy an ftp subscription,
    will these files be available ?
    Thank you,

  24. I need this track. Darkest Pumpkin Let it Be on 2000Black label.

    Thank you Inevil

  25. I was wanting to download an old track. Its from your 2011 archive. 02-09-2011
    Tom Middleton – Cicadas. Is this possible?

  26. Peter Thomas (djhomeskillet) says:

    Hey guys, I signed up for a year worth of the FTP server. I haven’t recieved my login details but I took care of you via paypal and sent my receipt via email. How long does it take to get my Login info?

  27. does anyone know if there is another site like who had the amazing promo section? thanks

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