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Jay Haze – Enter The Darkness EP (CNTXT42)

08.16.2010 · Posted in Tech House, Techno

Yes sir, yes mam = its been nearly 2 years since the last official jay
haze release (wow 2 years, yikes!)
These tracks were recorded in MItte, Berlin on a completely analog setup.
The thunderstorm field recording on “the storm” was recorded in Rio De
Janeiro in the beginning of 2009.
Record right here is a testament to the simple fact that with an
artist like Jay Haze, (who founded Contexterrior and Tuningspork records)
he can never be pigeonholed or predictable! with that being said we hope
you enjoy adding these 2 tracks to your playlists!

Artist : Jay Haze
Title : Enter The Darkness
Label : Contexterrior
Genre : Techno
Date : August-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB


Tracklist :

01.2012 (Original Mix) [07:07]
02.The Storm (Original Mix) [13:23]

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Chloe Harris – Know Wave (FURTHER019)

08.16.2010 · Posted in minimal, Tech House

Chloes 2nd solo release for her label sees her challenge her own style
with three new songs chock full of electro sounds. Know Wave is a quick
uptempo borderline trance/ electro house tune with a groove made to move
the room. Trbl is Know Waves cousin. Bubbly tech house with a hook and
groove saturated in analog beats. And lastly, Rahrar has basslines that
talk and dance with each other while also being a relatively spaced out
gem. Hope you dig it!

Artist : Chloe Harris
Title : Know Wave
Label : Further
Genre : Minimal/Tech House
Date : August-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB


Tracklist :

01.Know Wave (Original Mix) [08:08]
02.Rarhar (Orignal Mix) [07:19]
03.Trbl (Original Mix) [06:25]

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Jeff Derringer – Principle Ep (SUBTRAK027)

08.16.2010 · Posted in Tech House, Techno

Artist: Jeff Derringer
Title: Principle Ep
Label: Subtrak Records
Style: Tech House / Techno
Quality: 320 kbps
Date: 15.08.2010


01.Principle (Original Mix) 07:12
02.Principle (Noah Pred Remix) 07:56
03.Principle (Samuli Kemppi Remix) 06:08
04.Principle (Derek Marin Remix) 07:40
05.Principle (Derek Marin Where Is My M 06:43
06.Dovecote (Original Mix) 06:49


Oliver Koletzki & Fran – Arrow And Bow (SVT051)

08.16.2010 · Posted in Deep House, minimal, Tech House

Finally here it comes! After his über-successful last album Großstadtmärchen
including the singles Hypnotized and U-Bahn Oliver Koletzki is now releasing
the first single release of his new album Lovestoned that is set to be
released in autumn this year. For the album, and subsequently this first glimpse
of the album, Oliver Koletzki has teamed up with singer and girlfriend Fran, who
previously hypnotized listeners across the country with her magical voice.
Arrow and Bow the title hints at what this song is about: love! Musically
the track is a thrilling trip into 80ies pop sounds: synthesizers that cause
goose bumps, clap snares that will move heads and toes and of course, Frans
beautiful voice that reminds us about the wonderful game of getting to know each
other. This is an authentic love song, a danceable pas de deux that has one
message: love is fun! The first single release comes with one more track from
the eagerly anticipated album by Oliver and Fran: Strandbar, which translates
as beach bar. Oliver modified this song that always unites everyone when
performed live and has created an airy acoustic version with a guitar and a
piano. It almost sounds like chansons from the 1930s in a very good way.
Lyrically, this song is the ultimate summer anthem. Fran sings about the summer
like we all love it: biking it through the city, feeling the fresh breeze on the
hot skin, breathing in the flowery summer air, skinny-dipping into the lake. And
of course, this is best done with somebody alongside you. Because this is what
holds Olivers and Frans songs together: a mutual love for music, and for each
other. We can?t wait for Lovestoned.

Artist : Oliver Koletzki & Fran
Title : Arrow And Bow
Label : Stil Vor Talent
Genre : Minimal/Tech House
Date : August-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB

Tracklist :

1. Arrow And Bow (Marek Hemmann Remix) 7:11
2. Arrow And Bow (Oliver Koletzki Remix) 6:33
3. Arrow And Bow (Channel X Dub-Mix) 7:16
4. Arrow And Bow 4:10

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VA – Rodriguez Jr Presents Champions Selection (BOXERDIGI006)

08.16.2010 · Posted in minimal, Tech House, Techno

The successful “Boxer Champions Selection” series presents a fine selection of
Boxer material by Rodriguez Jr. Rodriguez Jr. – acclaimed Dj, producer (Mobilee,
Boxer, Systematic) and remixer (Traum, F Com, Initial Cuts) – knows how to
choose and spin the right tracks with his instinctive feeling for the music. By
listening to his selection you will realize that every single track is not only
a dancefloor tool but a track that got a special vibe to discover.

Artist : VA
Title : Rodriguez Jr Presents Champions Selection
Label : Boxerdigi Germany
Genre : Minimal/Tech House
Date : August-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB

Tracklist :

1. Frank Martiniq – Facehugger 7:06
2. Duoteque – Gotcha 10:50
3. Eyerer & Namito – Ripcurl 8:08
4. Matzak – Girl In Water (Dan Berkson and James What Mix) 4:54
5. Rodriguez Jr – Lila 7:08
6. Duoteque – Amarcord (My My Mix) 6:57
7. Haito and Diringer – E-love 6:40
8. Shirakura – Routine Song (Hemmann and Kaden Mix) 7:46
9. Paul Nazca – Flash 6:19
10.Someone Else – Peels 8:37

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