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VA – 200 The Mix Compilation [200CD001]

02.22.2011 · Posted in Hot, minimal, Tech House

Artist : VA
Title : 200 The Mix Compilation
Label : 200 Records
Genre : Minimal/Tech House
Date : 00-02-2011
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB

Tracklist :

01. RaucherEcke – Libido 200 (07:49)
02. Sarah Goldfarb – Breaking Down Remix (07:04)
03. Soukie & Windish – Sun Wanted (06:19)
04. Mueller & Mitch – Careless (08:11)
05. BlackIsBeautiful – Pergamon (Henson’s Return To Pergamon Mix) (06:24)
06. RaucherEcke – Chordhose (Marcel Janovsky Remix) (08:44)
07. BlackIsBeautiful – Purpur (Einmusik Remix) (08:39)
08. Till Kruger – Wumme (08:40)
09. BlackIsBeautiful – Purpur (08:07)
10. BlackIsBeautiful – Purpur (SCSI-9 Remix) (07:19)
11. Till Kruger – Wrong Shirt (08:30)

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Mikkel Metal – Old Friends (Incl. Pablo Bolivar Remix) (AR017)

11.19.2010 · Posted in Dub Techno, Hot, Techno

He needs no introduction. One of the best Dub Techno producers of these days, his albums on Kompakt and Echochord are a good proof of it. After all these years following his trail, we now have Mikkel with us in AvantRoots. Three original tracks each one suiting different situations. In “Lommer” we find his classic kind of production, a nice, slow techno track. “Show” shows us a dubby house work, and “Booms” is a dancefloor monster. Pablo Bolivar gives “Lommer” his particular touch: a slow tempo Deep Techno track with crystal melodies that capture your mind and make you shake your feet.

Artist : Mikkel Metal
Title : Old Friends
Label : AvantRoots
Genre : Techno/Dub Techno
Date : 00-11-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB

Tracklist :

01. Lommer 08:48
02. Show 06:28
03. Boosm 06:12
04. Lommer (Pablo Bolivar Remix) 08:49

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MiniCoolBoyz – Amazing Volume 1 (AMAZINGV01)

11.15.2010 · Posted in Hot, Tech House, Techno

Played by : Monika Kruse , Nic fanciulli , Popof , Oliver klein , Pig and Dan , Mihalis Safras , Dubfire , Karotte

Artist : MiniCoolBoyz
Title : Amazing Volume 1
Label : Amazing
Genre : Minimal/Tech House
Date : 00-11-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB


Tracklist :

1. Lost In Lodz (Original Mix)
2. Feel My Drums (Original Mix)
3. Excuse Me (Original Mix)
4. This Is My Acid House (Original Mix)

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Herbert Gollini & Helmut Wolfgruber – Stoned Tones Vol. 1 (THe Mumok Vienna Sessions) (VW02)

11.15.2010 · Posted in Deep House, Hot, Tech House

According to fellow Austrian musicians Umberto Gollini is something like a genius. He grew up in Vienna as son of a family with long tradition in tuning and building big church organs. He was also working with his father in that job for over ten years. Together with Patrick Pulsinger, Erdem Tunakan and Gerhard Potuznik he released records as IO, Sluts ‘n Strings & 909, The Show Room Recordings and The Private Lightning Six. Since late 2005 he is busy in the studio working on several new projects. During his 20 year long career as a dj umberto gollini has played at every venue imaginable across Austria, being probably one of the most driving force of the electronic underground scene in Vienna. His trips even took him much further away than the Austrian boundaries like the USA, Germany, Nepal, UK, Poland, France…

Artist : Herbert Gollini & Helmut Wolfgruber
Title : Stoned Tones Vol. 1
Label : Vienna Wildstyle
Genre : Deep House
Date : 00-11-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB

Tracklist :

01 Track 2 7:20
02 99 3:40
03 Track 1 5:52
04 Free 5:08

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Chloe – Deadline 01 The One In Other (Remixes) (366158 5581062)

11.15.2010 · Posted in Hot, minimal, Tech House, Techno

Chloe’s music, especially on her second album One in Other, is a diamond in the rough for remixers. It belongs to the murky waters on the edge of dance music, flirts with experimentation and gives the lucky ones a wide array of eerie material to work with. But her music is also extremely intimate and personal, hence it would be blasphemy to give away such emotions to ‘house by the mile’ manufacturers. You can always make cheap bling out of raw gold, many do. At Kill the DJ, we tried to choose artists able to make fine and striking jewellery. Magda is a long time friend of Chloe’s and Kill the DJ and this is a surprisingly welcome late addition to the stable. Like Chloe, she is comfortable on the edge, not afraid of the void. With the help of a strangely catchy broken piano, her rickety version of Distant throws sand in the well-oiled mechanics of minimalism. Perfect, as ‘straight’ is not very us. We consider Alex Smoke as one of today’s most interesting and singular electronic producers. When asked, Alex first hesitated between this track and One in Other… To our joyous surprise, he ended up doing both… What a spirit! In the Glasgow fog things are rarely what they seem, and the appropriately named Mr Smoke may lead you astray. Thus the hidden beauty behind the industrial corrosion in his Diva and reversely, the lush electronica grown vicious and deadly in One in Other. While on the subject of vicissitude, Georges Issakidis delivers another backroom burner with Herselves. He does what he does best: slow sleazy house music. Chloe’s atmospheric vocals are a breath of fresh air but steadily the druggy sweat takes over. How deep and dark will Georges go in his forthcoming album? The devil only knows. Jennifer Cardini proves her ever-evolving versatility, fitting in no box except ours. She has recently given us a ravey remix of Battant that will be out soon and here, her guitar led One in Other shows a lesser known pop sensibility. Last but not least, Plein Soleil (aka Chloe herself and Krikor) have chosen Diva for their dirty funk work out. In quite a tour de force, they manage to melt the epic, almost classical side of the original into an old school, acid tinged belter. The best of both worlds. What more can you ask?

Artist : Chloe
Title : Deadline 01 The One In Other (Remixes)
Label : Kill The DJ
Genre : Minimal/Tech House
Date : 00-11-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB

Tracklist :

01. One In Other (Jennifer Cardini Remix) 7:12
02. Diva (Plein Soleil Remix) 6:21
03. Herselves (George Issakidis Dzir Remix) 6:55
04. Diva (Alex Smoke Remix) 8:12
05. Distant (Magda Remix) 6:16
06. One In Other (Alex Smoke Remix) 7:37

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Shadow Dancer – Boss Rush / It’s The Everything (BNRTRAX002)

11.14.2010 · Posted in Electronic, Hot, Tech House, Techno

The second release on BNR Trax, the new Boysnoize Records sublabel, is Shadow Dancer‘s EP Boss Rush/It’s The Everything. Nice acid house touch by our favorite brothers Paul and Alan.

Artist : Shadow Dancer
Title : Boss Rush / It’s The Everything
Label : BNR Trax
Genre : Techno/Tech House
Date : 00-11-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB

Tracklist :

1. Boss Rush
2. It’s The Everything

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