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Clubroot – II – MMX

05.11.2010 · Posted in Dubstep, Grime

Artist : Clubroot
Title : II – MMX
Label : Lo Dubs
Genre : Dubstep/Grime
Date : May-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Size : 114 Mb
Store :

Tracklist :

1. Orbiting
2. Waterways
3. Dry Cured
4. Sjambok
5. Toe To Toe
6. Whistles & Horns
7. Running On Empty
8. Physicality
9. Dust Storm
10. Closure
11. Cherubs Cry



Rudi Zygadlo – Great Western Laymen

05.10.2010 · Posted in Dubstep, Grime

Artist : Rudi Zygadlo
Title : Great Western Laymen
Label : Planet Mu
Date : May-2010
Genre : Dubstep/Grime/Glitch
Quality : LAME 3.97 (320kbps) / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Date : 10-05-2010
Playtime : 52:15 min
Size : 13 Track(s): 146.9MB
Store :

Tracklist :

01. Manuscripts Dont Burn 2:56
02. Something About Faith 4:40
03. Laymans Requiem 2:48
04. A Room To Sing 3:31
05. Perfect Lust 3:33
06. Filthy Logic 3:05
07. Song Of Praise 3:58
08. Magic In The Afternoon 4:44
09. Stop/Reject 4:52
10. Resealable Friendship 3:47
11. Missa Per Brevis 3:49
12. The Man In The Duck 5:56
13. Opiate Of The Mass 4:36

New Scottish Planet Mu signing drops his debut full length set for the label. A
restless, constantly twitching record, ….Laymen bursts with the frenetic
energy of a young, talented producer throwing his hand at a myriad of styles and
influences. Bending with efforless ease from fractured R&B to abstract pop to
bass-wobble steppa grooves to weird classical Venetian-Snares movements and
blasts of brass noise. A busy, rewarding album for fans of Hudson, Aphex, Bass



Benga – Phaze One (TEMPA049)

05.10.2010 · Posted in Dubstep, Grime

Artist : Benga
Title : Phaze One
Label : Tempa
Genre : Dubstep/Grime
Date : 10-May-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Size : 91.80MB
Url :

Tracklist :

01. Baltimore Clap 4:42
02. eyeTunes 6:30
03. Mini Motor Cross 4:38
04. 808 4:42
05. Your Band (Descending) 5:02
06. Rock Music 4:42
07. Transform 5:38
08. No Bra, No Panties 4:06

The mighty Benga returns with this substantial 8 strong EP for Tempa. Apparently
Phaze One will be followed up by Phaze Two ahead of the release of Bengas
sophomore long player late this year. Anticipation is high, since Benga first
landed the dubstep sound has changed immeasurably. Benga has cleverly
adapted… and then some. Phaze One rolls out across the groove spectrum, taking
in Bmore bass, tough jackin steppa pummel, hard as nails UKF.



Big Brotherz and Command Strange – For the Love (FPRDUBSTEP020)

05.09.2010 · Posted in Dubstep

Artist : Big Brotherz and Command Strange
Title : For the Love
Label : Foulplay US
Genre : Dubstep
Date : May-2010
Quality : 320 kbps
Size : 140.2 Mb

Tracklist :

01 big brotherz – awakening 07:00
02 big brotherz – breath in new life 05:31
03 big brotherz – funky mushroom 04:41
04 big brotherz – get ready for this 04:56
05 command strange – got to be real 06:02
06 big brotherz – in memory 04:30
07 big brotherz – tears in my eyes 05:10
08 command strange – morning noon and night 05:58
09 command strange – read my lips 05:17
10 command strange – when your love comes again 06:05
11 command strange – when your love comes again 06:01



F – Energy Distortion (2010)

05.06.2010 · Posted in Dubstep, Techno

In an essay in The Village Voice 15 years ago, Simon Reynolds poetically described the proliferation and divergence of the nascent post-rock genre away from “rock’s grand narrative” into a “delta of microcultures.” The same metaphor might be used nowadays to describe the rapid evolution of dubstep. After the river banks were breached in the first big wave from Croydon and Bristol, dubstep has now spread into a myriad of imperceptibly subtle microgenres or tributaries, saturating the terrain between dub, techno, ambient and even itself. The name dubstep is now almost a useless throwback to that first wave, no longer useful for accurate orientation.

F’s Energy Distortion is no exception to the complications of classification. You will find plenty of dubstep skank, sub bass and a strong emphasis on the third beat of every bar, but there isn’t really a straight-up dubstep track on the album except for perhaps the loafing tribalism of “Chillin’” and the optimistic dawn of “Shift.” The majority of tunes are instead built like floating and twisting mobiles suspended from intricate percussive sculptures that at times emphasise the kick drum techno-style, or, alternatively, dig out the bass and smear on the hi-hats for a more rolling finish. In the end, the results are rarely easy to define. “Perspectives” and the frantic sprawl of the title track are two examples of the more techno-driven sound, but it is the slipperiness of the exceptions like “Poka”—which works big beats in a sparse vacuum flavoured with silvery techno chords—that really stand out.

Similarly, the best moments of the album are often chimeras of drum & bass and other genres. “0907″ is sparse, but it has the gruff, dogged persistence and veiled aggression of drum & bass, whereas the heavy pressure of “See the Light” shines darkly over some classic bass warble. “On the Corner,” too, has moments and samples that hark back to the golden era of the genre, but at the same time, is an unclassifiable hybrid.

Energy Distortion is held together by F’s strong compositional sense. He doesn’t wear out his riffs, keeping things fresh from beginning to end. Perhaps the only minor criticism might be the lack of deep head space to take away the emphasis of the beats. The flow of Energy Distortion is clearly built with dance floor dynamics in mind. Which dance floor is anybody’s guess, but since it works so well, it’s hard to care what you might call it.

if you’re a fan of Untold, Ramadanman T++! Recommended!!!

Label / 7even Recordings

Cat # / 7EVENCD01

Released / spring 2010

Style / Dubstep, Techno

quality: 320 kbps stereo

Tracklist: F – Energy Distortion

01. Intro

02. Shift

03. Poka

04. Energy Distortion

05. Another Place

06. 0907

07. See the Light

08. Forever

09. Hologram

10. On the Corner

11. Chillin’

12. Spacewalker

13. Perpectives




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